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Flash Party, from XD Tap Tap, is a platform fighting game where we can fight with many people in a variety of multi-platform arenas. Our main goal is to do enough damage and knock out our opponent off the stage and into the stratosphere. Similar to other brawler games like Smash Brothers or Multiversus from Warner.

The game has various game modes that include 1v1, 2v2, Brawl, Arena and Soccer Showdown, each with their own victory conditions. There are also several characters in Flash Party known as Heroes that you can choose to battle in the arenas. Choose from a wide range of heroes, including melee fighters, ranged archers, and casters that utilize traps. Several Heroes can be unlocked by collecting enough Stars while some require you to get them through chests.

In Flash Party we can unlock rewards like rare costumes, KO effects, as well as coins you can use to redeem items. Flash Party has a variety of maps, all of which are designed to illustrate the heroes’ hometowns. Current maps include Sivi’s Studio, Olympus, Center School, Macalon Paradise, and Jotunheim, and each one has varying quirks corresponding to different game modes and special events.

In the gameplay, moves are a set of actions that your Heroes can do to fight opponents. These are Jump, Shield, Grab, Attack, and Special. Depending on direction you can perform different kinds of moves that can either deal powerful attacks, protect against enemy punches, set up traps, and many other kinds of moves.

Flash Party is available to download in the App Store and if you have an Android Phone, in the TapTap Store. This is a XD exclusive, so we won’t find it in the Google App Store.

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