Eastern Odyssey

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Download Eastern Odyssey, a new silkpunk 3D gacha RPG from GTarcade. This is one of the newest games from GT Arcade and it is now available for pre-registration. Eastern Odyssey is a multicultural fantasy experience by fusing industrial sci-fi elements into a beautiful, vintage game setting.

Eastern Odyssey is a nice looking game. The art is top and we can expect a good global release from GT Arcade. The game features a rich story and multiple characters from various factions. In Eastern Odyssey we know that mana Energy’s discovery allowed the Kingdom of Grand Tang to experience an unheard-of period of industrial prosperity. However, the negative force Miasma, which sends everything into a state of lunacy, emerged as a result of the new energy being used excessively. The upshot was that the world’s peace began to disintegrate.

To find redemption for the entire globe, players will play the role of a seeker and travel to the West with their squad. Take part in a 3D adventure with a compelling tale and an excellent soundtrack.

This is a gacha RPG game. We will have to spend some resources in the adventure, it’s free to play but we should wait to see if the game is friendly for all players or if its focused on P2W players. The game features countless strategic card gameplay and lineup options.

Eastern Odyssey it is on beta stage. Players can pre register on the GT Arcade website, and see for more news.

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