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Dolphin Wave is an upcoming gacha card RPG game. It will be out first on Japan, and we don’t know if we are going to have a global release. At this time, Honey Parade Games has announced the pre-registration campaign.

What is Dolphin Wave? Well, it is a waifu-collection RPG. The game is about a group of waifus coming on to a hidden island to participate in a special water sport called “Jet Battle”. The objective of the sport is to ride on the motor boat (Umi Machines) and shoot down your opponents with a special “Energy Gun”.

What about the lore? A new sport called “Jet Battle” is the latest sensation on this world. People operate machines called “UMI”, and they shoot laser beams. All of this happens in the artificial island called “Wadatsumi” in the south. Aircraft battle has become a world sport, and many companies have created professional teams and a wide variety of competitions have been held.

A marine sport that aims to stop the opponent’s machine by riding on a machine with a pair of “Rider” who is the operator and “Gunner” who is the shooter. It is a battle of planes. During the battle, some called the athletes “Dolphins”, referring to the way they run freely through the sea.

This seems to be a card gacha game, it has a system to level up characters with cards and experience, so it’s a grab resource game. The characters are well designed but seems to be draw in order to get many views. We can’t blame them, but the are not “cute”, it’s more like mature waifus.

The game is only available on Japan, if you are interested, you can try to use a VPN in order to download and play Dolphin Wave, but we can’t guarantee it’s gonna work, and even so, if it’s gonna last.

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