Delta Force: Hawk Ops

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Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a new action game which looks amazing. The game is set to initiate its Closed Beta testing phase exclusively for PC players in China starting January 25, 2024. During this phase, participants will gain access to the Extraction mode and Large Scale Battlefield Mode, providing a sneak peek into the game’s features.

Developed by TiMi Studios, Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a cross-platform tactical shooter that garnered global attention upon its announcement on August 19, 2023. Initially introduced to the Chinese market as Operation Delta in July of the same year, the game’s Global Play Testing Roadmap was unveiled by October 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed original Delta Force known for its cutting-edge shooting mechanics, Delta Force: Hawk Ops strives to capture the same intensity and authenticity. Players can immerse themselves in ground, air, and water combat, utilizing a diverse range of assault vehicles, including helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats, terrain vehicles, jeeps, pickups, fighter jets, and drones.

The Closed Beta testing phase will offer participants two distinct modes. In Extraction Mode, players face off against rival teams or AI-controlled mercenaries and royal guards, undertaking PvE missions within Hazard Operations. The Large-Scale PvP Mode unfolds on expansive maps, providing an immersive battlefield experience.

While details regarding mobile or console beta tests remain undisclosed, it is anticipated that such information may surface following the conclusion of PC testing. Upon its global launch, Delta Force: Hawk Ops will be accessible on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, with specific release dates yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to the official website for further updates and details about the game.

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