De:Lithe Last Memories

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De:Lithe Last Memories is a blockchain game, inheriting the game system from the immensely popular smartphone co-op online RPG, De:Lithe, boasting over 7.77 million downloads. Enish, the developer, plans to unveil De:Lithe Last Memories in 2024, introducing a unique element by enabling the exchange of characters and equipment in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The narrative unfolds in 20XX, with Tokyo in ruins due to the catastrophic “Great Collapse” phenomenon. Throughout Japan, gates leading to the enigmatic realm known as “Elysian” have manifested, unleashing peculiar lifeforms called “Unknown.” Players assume control of the Doll unit within Logios, an organization investigating Elysian, and engage in battles against the Unknown.

The dolls comprising the squad are exclusively beautiful girls, with 36 individuals available at the game’s launch. Parties can be formed with up to four members. While single-player mode involves the player controlling one doll while others fight automatically, multiplayer mode allows each player to take charge of a specific doll.

Character enhancement occurs through materials acquired in Elysian, and equipment is also provided. Due to the random assignment of options to equipment, even identical gear may exhibit distinct performance characteristics, adding an element of unpredictability that appeals to hack-and-slash enthusiasts.

Beyond the battlefield, companions join the fray, actively participating in combat, while support players, though not directly engaged in fighting, wield influence over skill development. This dual dynamic contributes to the game’s overall enjoyment and emotional investment in the characters.

The development of De: Lithe Last Memories began several years ago, driven by a fascination with the Web3 concept, where the in-game economy intersects with reality. Recognizing a perceived lack of appeal in existing Web3 games, the project aimed to strike a balance between game quality and the intrinsic fun of Web3.

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