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Dadoo is an online multiplayer snake and ladder experience infused with superpowers and plenty of mischief! With an array of skill cards at your disposal, you can alter the course of the game, strategically pushing your opponents to their downfall or setting traps to give your friends a delightful surprise. Developed by Algorocks studio, Dadoo promises an exhilarating gameplay experience.

In Dadoo, the objective is clear: reach the finish line. However, achieving this goal requires cunning tactics and strategic maneuvering. Whether it involves pilfering cards to hinder your rivals’ progress or utilizing powerful abilities to propel yourself forward, you’ll need to employ the most inventive strategies to outwit your opponents.

Seeking to gain an advantage over your adversaries? Deploy the Confusion card to disrupt their movements by sending them in reverse. Aspiring to showcase your tactical prowess? Utilize the High Roll card to impede your opponent’s progress and secure your lead.

Unlock new characters and cards through loot boxes and in-game currency, ensuring a fair playing field with no unfair advantages for paying players.

Dadoo is currently available on Android, with a Steam release slated for the first quarter of 2024. iOS users can anticipate its arrival later in the year. For the latest updates on this Indonesia-based game studio’s newest title, visit their official Twitter page.

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