Cyber Honey

Cyber Honey


Cyber Honey is available for Android and iPhone. A RPG action game with well-drawn graphics and a massive cast of bishojo personalities who can join our party and fight with us. This game has a solid voice casting which is one of its strongest points.

Cyber Honey has a turn-based battle system which can move in a grid to attack foes, something like Final Fantasy Tactics. There is also a built-in auto-mode and double-speed options to make the process even easier. Abilities are determined by character-exclusive weapons and equipment, which can be gathered through various boss battles.

The game has sophisticated graphics, with a lot of beautiful girl heroes which uniques designs. The detail level are really high, the animations are fluid and the art is good. In overall we are with a really nice game, maybe a niche one. The game design is interesting, some bosses have destructible parts. We can destroy certain parts and get materials for special weapons and rare equipment.

This game is based on the game “Senjo Monogatari: Valkyrie Heroes Saga”, Sunshine Game changed the concept to “Voice Actor Idol x Audition x Game” and released a new one. It is free on Android and iOS.

At this moment, Cyber Honey is only available to Android and iOS on Japan. We can try to use a VPN in order to download and play the game.

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