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Captain Tsubasa: Ace Overview

Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown is the newest Captain Tsubasa game. Ace or Ace Showdown is an football RPG gacha game. Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown presents an exhilarating online multiplayer football experience designed exclusively for mobile devices. This captivating game faithfully reproduces the high-stakes clashes seen in the renowned “Captain Tsubasa” anime series, providing players with a multitude of gameplay modes to enjoy.

The game provides two completely different football playing methods, and through different forms of competition, it will bring you a completely different duel experience. In addition to matching and ranking with other players, controlling classic characters, real-time battles, and fierce PK of operations and tactics, you can also collect many well-known characters and form your dream team.

Within this virtual realm, individuals can hone their football prowess, revisit the cherished storylines, and engage in thrilling real-time battles against fellow enthusiasts. With an extensive roster of beloved players, the game empowers users to construct their ideal teams. Boasting high-definition graphics and evocative moments, it rekindles nostalgic childhood football memories while delivering an engrossing and immersive gameplay adventure.

Since the game has the licence, we can expect to play with Osora Tsubasa, Hinata Kojiro, Misaki Taro, and Ishizaki from youth to youth. Rigth now, the game is on “Beta Stage” with a limited release on China.

Players can currently download it on the Play Store in early access if they’re located in Indonesia or the Philippines. Pre Register for International version is now live.

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