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Download Blockman Go for Android and iPhone. This is a construction game very inline with the Minecraft style. Blockman Go brings a series of mini games, mods, an online system with chat and friends that anyone can enjoy. A game that is built thanks to its community and has a lot of support and updates.

Blockman Go is a game where we can build anything we want, anything we can imagine. Within it, we will be able to enjoy a series of mini games made by the community, as well as produce a variety of small games for most of the players in the world, just one click is enough to enter the multiple options that Blockman Go has.

The construction tools within Blockman are very good. They allow designing all types of construction. The decoration system provides the necessary tools to the players to be able to try different styles. Whether in the interior decoration of the buildings as well as the dress and clothing of our characters.

There are no limits in what we can build. Here is where we are going to spend most of our time in the game. Blockman has a lot of grinding, but the in game currency is free to all players, even if the premium ones are paid with money.

In the social section, Blockman GO includes a very useful chat function. In different areas of the game we will meet in lobbies with players from all over the world and thanks to chat, written and voice, we will be able to communicate more easily and simply.

In a way, it is very reminiscent of what Roblox does, an environment where the community can create a series of diverse mini games, open to everyone and sell items at an exclusive price. Blockman Go is a free game for Android phones and iPhone. It doesn’t require a lot of hardware so it should work fine on most devices.

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