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Download Bleach Brave Souls, an amazing anime game for your mobile phone. One of the most famous animes is available to download for free. Bleach Brave Souls -3D Action, a KLabGames games, already has over 50 million downloads worldwide and 4.5 stars on the Play Store and App Store. This game is part of to the successful Bleach saga, which give us our favorite characters from the universe created by Tite Kubo. This is a game with a lot of action and a very nice 3D environment.

The main character of the saga, Ichigo Kurosaki, is our protagonist in this action story, a story that combines Bleach’s humor and tradition. We will follow the original story from the moment Ichigo meets Rukia for the first time.

There is virtually no time to rest in this fast paced game. We will control Ichigo in this story through various levels, fighting enemies and bosses. In this new version you will not only find villains from the main saga, but also new ones.

You can develop the characters as you complete some of the assigned missions. You can use them in combats, improve their skill set with the battle experience. One point to note is that the missions will recreate key scenes of the anime. In addition to combat, you’ll also find themes for hero collectors and fans of the saga, such as the Summons Store.

The 3D graphics deserves a lot of praise, their development took a special care. The action in the game flows smoothly and at a good pace. Although it was released in 2015, the game remains solid with simple but well-achieved animations and textures.

Bleach’s characters have special moves that you can unlock, and these are dubbed by the actors who give voice to the characters in the original anime. As for the game modes, you can make teams of three and create combinations with the characters, as well as compete with your best warriors against the teams of other users in weekly tournaments. It is also possible to connect with other players in cooperative missions.

As we pointed out, you have the possibility to develop your team, but the flexibility of Bleach Brave Souls allows us to create custom fighters. The more victories we got in battles, the more experience we get and that will help us raise the level and basic stats of our characters. It will also be possible to train our characters in specific statistics in the Tree of Souls.

Due to its lifetime, the game is not very specs demanding. It is available to all Android users with its version 4-1 or higher; as for iOS, where it is available only to users with iPhone and iPad, it requires iOS version 9 or higher . The game has in-app purchases, which will help you speed up the development process in the game. Prices for micro-transactions range from $0.99 to $79.99.

Bleach Brave Souls it is a very nice game, despite its years it still very attractive to the fans and even to the people who does not know the universe of Bleach.

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