BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team

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BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team is an Apple Arcade exclusive. In this 3v3 online action game, players embark on a cosmic adventure within a captivating sci-fi universe characterized by vivid, stylized graphics and incredible animations. The gameplay features distinct heroes piloting powerful mechanized armors called BEASTs.

With accessible mechanics, players seamlessly switch between agile PET and powerful BEAST forms, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. The charismatic roster of heroes includes Clyde the crafty cat, Nyx the sharpshooting owl, Rusty the fierce warthog, and GG Nova the eccentric unicorn. Whether playing solo or teaming up with family and friends, players can engage in thrilling modes such as Payload, Crystal Rush, and Free for All, each offering unique twists and depth to the battles.

BEAST invites players to immerse themselves in a cosmic adventure, experiencing a unique 3v3 online shooter designed for all ages. Combining charm and excitement with intuitive controls, the game unleashes players’ inner champions with accessible and rewarding shooting mechanics. Navigating a captivating sci-fi universe, players pilot powerful mechanized armors known as BEASTs, fighting for the honor of their home planet.

The game encourages collaboration with friends and family in a fun and friendly gaming environment. Victory is sweeter when shared. Players can compete for ultimate glory, climbing the ranks and dominating leaderboards against global opponents.

BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team is exclusive for iOS Apple Arcade.

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