Beach Buggy Racing 2

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Download the fun Beach Buggy Racing 2 for Android and iPhone. This is a Racing type game, where we must compete against other players to see who is the fastest on the track.

This is a karting type game, like the popular Mario Kart. Beach Buggy Racing was one of the most popular racing games for Android and iPhone and now we have its second version, where as the main attraction, we can compete against players from all over the world in online mode.

The game comes with more than 50 powers, 40 vehicles, new characters and circuits. The races in Beach Buggy Racing are frenetic and full of action. Lobbies are up to 8 players and has many game modes including: one-on-one races, obstacles, daily and weekly challenges, tournaments, etc.

The controls in Beach Buggy are very simple to use, we have on-screen controls for objects and direction but we also make use of the gyroscope. You can use a Bluetooth remote, remember that Beach Buggy has a version for consoles. We can accelerate o use the brakes to drift on some curves, everything is on screen and easy to use.

The game looks good, the animations, the design of the karts, the characters and the settings are very well detailed and have a high graphic quality. The game includes NVIDIA’s Vector Engine and PhysX technology. The quality is that of a console game like PlayStation. It also has a Nintendo Switch port.

In Beach Buggy we can have a complete collection of beach cars, as well as classic trucks, sports cars, and Formula 1 cars. We will unlock new cars as we progress in the campaign mode and its different tournaments.

The most important point in Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the multiplayer. We can compete against players from all over the world for free. This is an excellent Karting game and one of the most popular for Android and iPhone.

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