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Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night is the next game from Koei Tecmo JP and Akatsuki Games, along with developer Gust. The game is set to captivate audiences on PC (Steam), iOS, and Android platforms, this eagerly anticipated game is set for a 2023 debut in Japan.

The esteemed creators behind this project have also been revealed. Takahiro, renowned for “Yuki Yuna is a Hero,” takes the helm for the original story, series composition, and scenario supervision. Meanwhile, Shinichi Yoshiike, the visionary behind the “Atelier” series, contributes his expert guidance. Ensuring the game’s visual splendor, character designs are skillfully crafted by Ugeso Umi and tokki.

The story is set in Lantana, a kingdom that prospered long ago through alchemy. However, alchemy has since died out and been forgotten from people’s memories. The protagonist Resna dreamed of spreading the forgotten alchemy to the world once again. Her adventure begins as she sets out for the legendary land “The Continent of the End,” where the clues she seeks are said to lie.

According to Saho Shirasuna, who plays Lesna, “She’s not very sociable, but she’s a girl who works hard and has no complaints, so people who see her naturally want to cheer her on.” The companions who adventure with Lesna have also been revealed, and Miumi Tanaka will play Izana Kokoschka, an innocent beast girl who is Lesna’s best friend, and Yuya Hirose will play a young romance who is cheerful but has the skills of an adventurer.

We don’t know so much about the game, but for the screenshots we can expect a RPG game with top graphics and a lot of gacha elements and mechanics.

Atelier Resleriana is a new game in the Atelier series. It is currently under development, and it will appear on mobile devices and PC via Steam. There is currently no release date for the game.

The new game Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator is Getting a Global Release. The RPG will be available on iOS, Android, and Steam . […]

Atelier Resleriana

During the past weekend, Koei Tecmo unveiled the Japanese release date for their upcoming title, Atelier Resleriana. This eagerly awaited game is set to launch on iOS and […]

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