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Download Arknights Global, a fantastic Tower Defense Gacha game. Arknights places the player in the shoes of “The Doctor,” a mysterious figure rescued by the Rhodes Island organization.

In this game, Arknigths world is plagued by natural Disasters, which leave behind a valuable resource called Originium. However things are not so simple, Originium infects those who come into contact with it with a disease. However, it allows for various tech to be created and magical abilities to those who can harness its power.

Arknights plays like a tower defense game, where you can place a variety of units on a field to halt enemies from getting too close to your resources. Occasionally, you’ll get a tutorial mission before the primary mission that shows players any new tactics or special fields they’ll have to understand to get the upper hand in the ensuing battle.

Players need to use a variety of units with different abilities to hold back hordes of monsters and Reunion troops from reaching your base. Some levels will require you to use casters that have an area of effect (AOE) spell to quickly take out clumped up enemies while others will need you to use vanguard characters to block a few enemies. To become more adept at the battle system, you can run a practice round beforehand and get a feel of what you need to accomplish, which is always a good idea since it only uses one point of your stamina.

Cutscenes between battles look amazing. While it’s just static images, each character’s artwork shows tremendous detail. Even minor characters were given this same attention to detail when it comes to how they fit into the world and the faction they belong to. Arknights features a substantial amount of content through its story mode.

You can play this game without having to pay a cent. Arknights in its global edition is available for free on Android and iPhone.

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