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Ace Racer is an amazing racing game for Android. This game is currently released only in the Chinese market. A global release is expected sometime in 2022 or 2023.

Layout of controls in Ace Racer is quite strange. If the normal racing game often sees the direction control button on one side (usually the left), the rest is for effects and speed controls and things. In Ace Racer, the buttons are separated. The left turn button is on the left hand side, the right turn button is on the right hand side. The vehicle feature controls are also split into two respective sides. To be fair, this layout is much easier to play. Being right-handed also saves you having to remember more operations.

In Ace Racer, there are many modern cars, meticulously designed every line, even in terms of surrealism, it is much better than real-life super fast racing cars. Talking about their ability, the games of accumulating nitro, accelerating and drifting on the road are old. The cars in Ace Racer can do any extraordinary moves such as flying, spinning, jumping. Always accompanied by a lot of light effects at the explosive range, the colors are too liberal. Although there is still a bit of error when the two cars move together. It’s not a true collision that they seem to be partially merged, hopefully next time the manufacturer will fix this quickly, but let it look quite weird and uninteresting.

The game has many game modes and many different tournaments. Not only off-road racing, you can also master the track, creating different racing tactics yourself. The 4-dimensional space racetrack system simulates the world view. Especially the spaces inspired by China such as West Lake, Mountain Street, Dunhuang. There are scenes that are so impressive that it makes your heart skip a beat because it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a beautiful angle on a racing game. It’s not always the modern street, full of highway lights, or dryly modern like in Asphalt 9.

ACE Race is available on China (APK), there is no release date yet for a Global Release on Android or iOS.

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