Tour of Neverland: Journeys

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Tour of Neverland: Journeys is a new management simulation game set against the backdrop of a tropical island paradise, this game invites you to assume the role of a farm owner, managing your very own idyllic farmstead.

Within the game’s vibrant setting, players are afforded the chance to take charge of a thriving island farm. Here, they can cultivate new fields, sow crops, and engage in a spectrum of farm-related activities, all while crafting and personalizing a cozy home cabin. The scope extends to the establishment of a tourist-friendly hotel, angling for delectable fish, and forming bonds with amiable animals.

Notably, the game beckons players to delve into expansive mines brimming with natural resources, accessed via minecarts for efficiency. Embracing variety, the game boasts over 30 distinct animal species and crops, along with a plethora of pets and fashionable outfits for collection. The cabin itself becomes a canvas for personalization.

Tour of Neverland: Journeys unveils a captivating 3D tropical island realm that forms the backdrop for a truly unique adventure. Personalization knows no bounds, with character and pet customization flourishing through splendid outfits. Further adding to the immersive experience, players can explore the islands of fellow players, participate in item trading through the open market, and take to the skies aboard an airship to forge new friendships.

Tour of Neverland: Journeys, has commenced its soft launch on both Android and iOS platforms through Google Play and the App Store respectively. Enthusiasts can also glean more details by visiting the official website or exploring the game’s Facebook page.

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