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Soccer Manager 2024 has been recently unveiled by Invincibles Studio. This is the upcoming installment of their popular football management simulation series.

This new game places complete power in the hands of players, allowing them to take full control of one of the 900 clubs representing 54 leagues across 36 countries worldwide. While fans are undoubtedly excited, they will need to exercise patience as the game is still a few months away from its official launch.

Soccer Manager 2024 follows the established template set by its predecessors. At its core, it remains a football manager simulator where players engage in transfers, training, tactics, formations, and the overall development of their clubs’ facilities and progress. The game aims to provide a realistic experience, utilizing the Soccer Wiki database to ensure accuracy.

Just like the journey of a real-life manager, players start from modest beginnings. Success in domestic tournaments and continental cups can lead to opportunities to manage their own international team, competing in major qualifiers and prestigious global competitions. Whether playing at home or away, players must prove their managerial prowess and ensure their team consistently performs at the highest level.

Furthermore, Soccer Manager 2024 introduces the team builder feature, allowing players to start from scratch. They can create their own club, beginning at the lowest tiers, with the potential to rise through the ranks with skillful management tactics. The objective is to build a club composed of world-class footballers, whether by recruiting superstars or uncovering hidden talents flying under the radar.

Pre-registrations are currently open, and early sign-ups will be rewarded with various bonuses upon the game’s launch. These incentives include an SM24 kit, double gold currency, and double player boosts.

The game is set to release on September 21st, 2023.

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