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Project ME Overview

Project ME is a new open world RPG community simulation game where you embark on a journey to create a cozy oasis with NPCs and friends. It is on Alpha Stage, so the name may change in the future.

As far, we know the game will allow players to start their universe from scratch, by building and developing their own settlements in the game. As the governor of a new settlement, players will have greater freedom to customize their homes and manage the town at large.

In addition to the single-player modes, there will be co-operative modes too, which would offer players an option to partner with different players and build settlements together.

This project will be a game that shares the world view with “My Time at Portia” and “My Time at Sandrock”, and in the warm atmosphere typical of the “My Time” series.. There are more than 8 regions on the vast map that is the stage of the game, and stories and lore based on the world view of “My Time” will be developed.

Currently, Project ME is under development, but we can see the graphics are really nice. Project ME is being developed by Panthea Games and published by Nuverse. Not many more details are available for the game.

Project ME has officially started the early access for the game where players would be able to have first-hand experience with what the game is all about and have an understanding of what the game will offer in terms of gameplay and the storyline. For more check Project Me website.

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