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Illuminaria if available to download on Android. Selva Interactive’s highly anticipated resource management game, Illuminaria, has arrived on Android.

Once a thriving world brimming with life, Illuminaria fell victim to an encroaching darkness that consumed and poisoned its peaceful and advanced inhabitants, the Illumi people. In a last-ditch effort to save their planet, the Illumi devised a remarkable robotic system to safeguard their home.

The game revolves around two primary objectives: liberating bases occupied by the Blight and igniting beacons to banish the darkness from the world. To achieve these goals, players must construct multiple bases, complete with warehouses and resource-generating equipment. Constant vigilance is required to defend these bases against opponents seeking to pillage resources and destroy their hard-earned progress.

As the player, you take command of this automated system and lead a fleet of robots, responsible for resource gathering, management, research, base construction, and defense against invading forces, all in a bid to eradicate the relentless Blight that plagues the planet. With just a few taps on the screen, players can effortlessly direct their forces, watching as their robotic fleet dutifully carries out orders throughout the game. The addition of auto battler phases during expeditions adds an exciting twist, allowing players to collect valuable materials to advance their technology.

Illuminaria is now available for download on Android via Google Play, with releases for iOS and Nintendo Switch slated for later this summer. The game is from Selva Interactive, a small dev team from Guatemala.

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