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Fairy Village is a township simulation game from HyperBeard. The game has officially launched its early access phase for Android devices. Within this enchanting game, players embark on a captivating journey, collaborating with mystical creatures known as Thumblings to construct their very own whimsical village.

Within this mystical realm, players assume the role of village architects, crafting delightful abodes for the Thumblings and steadily expanding the village to meet their ever-growing requirements. As the village thrives, it beckons and beckons to these diminutive wanderers, transforming passersby into new denizens of your vibrant village. Therefore, nurturing the growth of your village directly correlates to attracting more Thumblings.

These sprightly beings possess an innate affinity for savoring the wonders of the world, given their innate explorer’s spirit. Consequently, players can dispatch them on exhilarating expeditions, allowing them to accumulate treasures and invaluable resources along their journey, all of which prove instrumental in advancing your village. As you progress, you can unlock new destinations for your Thumblings to explore and uncover.

Android users can now download Fairy Village via the Google Play Store. While the release for iOS devices remains unconfirmed, eager players will need to exercise a bit of patience.

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