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SkyRise Digital’s latest strategy title, Endless Frost, is now accessible through early access in the US region. Currently exclusive to Android users, the developer has not specified a definite release date for the final version, and the global release remains unannounced. The early access phase serves as an opportunity for players to provide feedback, shaping the game before its full release.

Set against the backdrop of an icy apocalypse, Endless Frost presents a compelling narrative where survival hinges on community building and shelter construction. As the leader of survivors, you’ll grapple with the challenges of navigating extreme weather, natural threats, and the strategic management required for resource gathering and technological research.

In this social survival game, every decision matters, from exploring the treacherous world to returning to the shelter and defending against hostile forces. While the graphics may not be fully optimized during the early access phase, the realistic depiction of the icy environment adds to the immersive experience. Expect refined visuals in the final release.

For now, Endless Frost is accessible exclusively in the US through the Google Play Store, allowing players in the region to delve into the challenges of survival in this strategic and frosty world.

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