CarX Street – Highway Racing

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CarX Street is an upcoming Android and iPhone game in the CarX series for mobile phones. This is a racing simulator that offers a dynamic and open world where you can feel like a street racer. Players will be able to complete a race, perform drifts, join clubs and fine tune their beast. Interestingly, even elements of realism have been added: before you get there, you have to go through the gas station.

CarX Street has everything racing fans crave. The game offers a fascinating single player adventure. The project is set in modern days and this setting is quite suitable.

Game Highlights: Drive at top speed or drift around corners, join racing club, defeat bosses and prove to everyone that you are the best racer in town. Carefully select the parts for your car. Buy houses for your car and collect collections for any career mode. At gas stations in the city, you can refuel to get the desired arrival time. Dynamic changes throughout the day. Improved car tuning behind the wheel at any time of the day or night.

The IOS version is currently undergoing small-scale testing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other regions, and is expected to be officially released abroad later this year.

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  1. techylist says:

    This is a really cool game! I love the graphics and the gameplay is really fun.

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