Builderment is a factory simulation management game. The game had its initial release on iOS platforms back in 2021 and is coming to the Android platform after 2 years.

Step into the world of Builderment, where crafting and automation converge to create an engaging and entertaining experience. The stage is set with a dire scenario: Earth has depleted its resources, and you now find yourself on a remote planet with a crucial mission. Your task is to extract valuable resources, build a base, and transport these precious items back to Earth. But there’s a catch—the vastness of the galaxy stands as a formidable obstacle, necessitating the use of automation to overcome this daunting challenge.

“Earth has run out of resources… You have been sent to a distant planet to extract its infinite resources and craft items to send back to Earth. You’ll need to establish a base on this planet to build factories and production lines to automate the assembly of items. Build a network of conveyor belts to effortlessly transport items between machines.”

Thus, your journey commences with the vital task of resource harvesting and establishing factories to manufacture a diverse array of crafted items. These creations hold immense significance in your quest, as they unlock advanced buildings and recipes, granting you the ability to transform basic raw materials into increasingly intricate components as you venture deeper into the game.

As you delve into the gameplay, you’ll have the opportunity to construct expansive factories, with technology research paving the way for enhanced production capabilities. Your progress in the game is interlinked with the growth of your factory, enabling you to skillfully harvest every valuable resource scattered across the map. Prepare to embark on this engrossing adventure, where creativity, strategy, and automation collide to shape your path to success.

Players can pre-register for the game on Android via the Google Play Store ahead of its global release on August 8th. If you are on iOS, the game has already launched.

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