Zenonia Chronobreak (Global)

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Zenonia Chronobreak is an upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG that is a new addition of the popular Zenonia series.

This game showcases an array of captivating elements, foremost among them the expansive PvP content known as the “Battle of Invasion,” an engaging narrative of struggle and triumph. Enhanced by its mesmerizing cartoon-style graphics and featuring over 150 meticulously crafted cutscenes, Zenonia delivers an all-encompassing storytelling immersion.

The gameplay appears to strike a pleasing balance between an enjoyable grind and a gratifying sense of advancement. The element of random PK adds a layer of amusement, and the narrative remains an engaging journey. Notably, the significance of bosses is emphasized, although their extended respawn timers might be a drawback. Crafting and the collection system contribute to the overall experience, yet some players find the droprate to be exceptionally low.

Zenonia Chronobreak promises a distinct and immersive gameplay encounter, centering on large-scale conflicts and server-wide invasions. These clashes transcend dimensions, instilling a fresh level of thrill and complexity. Engaging in battles across servers, players stake their honor and immerse themselves in wars to attain their objectives.

A striking highlight of Zenonia Chronobreak lies in its feature that enables unlimited free battles and seamless character class-switching. This adaptability empowers players to craft their own unique playstyle, swiftly transitioning between weapons and adjusting to diverse circumstances.

Furthermore, it aims to maximize user enjoyment by supporting cross-play between PC and mobile platforms.

The game is now available for pre-download on Google Play and the App Store in Korea, with a global release planned for a later date.

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