Zatch Bell: Companions of Eternal Bond

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Zatch Bell: Companions of Eternal Bond is a new game from GameOn and Neowiz. This new mobile game is inspired by the iconic Zatch Bell series, commemorating its 20th anniversary. The game is currently in the recruitment phase for its Closed Beta Test (CBT), scheduled for September.

For those unfamiliar with it, Zatch Bell epitomizes the essence of a cult classic, especially in the realm of anime. Originating as an early 2000s anime series featured in the illustrious Shonen Jump publication, many may remember it from those late-night anime sessions on local cartoon channels. Witnessing its return in this fashion is a wave of nostalgia, and ardent fans of the series are likely to share this sentiment.

Regarding the game itself, it falls under the category of a “bond-building” RPG, signifying its emphasis on team development. Players will gather a diverse array of monsters from the anime series and cultivate deeper connections with them, gradually unlocking their distinctive abilities. These companions will prove invaluable during the game’s narrative segments and various alternative gameplay options.

In essence, it follows the standard mobile gacha RPG formula. However, what sets it apart is the inclusion of the anime’s original voice actors, an immersive nod to the series’ rich history. Furthermore, the game’s visuals capture the distinctive art style that defined Zatch Bell.

In summary, this mobile game offers both a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans and an engaging RPG experience. From now till the 6th of September, Players in Japan can register for the Close Beta Test. The test date itself is not confirmed but it will be held in September.

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