Wolf Hero: Animals vs Robots

Wolf Hero: a role-playing game with simulator elements.
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May 29, 2024
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Wolf Hero is an engaging role-playing game with simulator elements where players team up with forest residents to save their home from invading robots. Players can raise families, recruit animals into their pack, use spells, enhance talents, search for treasure, fight robot squads and bosses, complete quests, earn achievements, and customize with cool skins.

Family and Pack Dynamics:
– Players start with a partner and can have their first child at level 10.
– Pack members, including offspring, actively participate in battles, attacking and distracting enemies.

– Variety of wolf breeds: Eurasian, Siberian, jackal, Canadian, Polar, Ethiopian, and Tasmanian.
– Dog breeds include dingo and hyena.
– Exclusive costumes: shaman, king, forest ninja, druid, wizard, knight, and bard.
– Skins are customizable for all pack members.

Forest Residents:
– Various animals inhabit the island and some fight robots.
– Helping these animals can make them join your pack, offering special bonuses.
– Animal types include hare, capercaillie, wolverine, fox, lynx, boar, deer, and bear.

Scrolls of Spells:
– Scattered spells like wings of light, fireballs, ice shield, healing, and lightning enhance gameplay.
– Collecting multiple scrolls of a spell increases its power.

Robots and Battle:
– Robots evolve, becoming stronger and changing appearance.
– They patrol in squads, and battles feature stun and critical hit mechanics.
– Stealthy strikes from behind deal increased damage.

– Players choose one of two talents each level up, enhancing health, damage, or unique abilities like super jumps or mini stuns.
– There are about 50 talents available.

– The game is set on a vast island with cliffs, caves, wastelands, swamps, streams, and rivers.
– Hidden treasures include scrolls, coins, chests, gold keys, and dig sites.

Quests and Achievements:
– The game features numerous quests and achievements, adding depth and replayability.

Embark on an epic adventure in Wolf Hero, where strategy and exploration blend seamlessly in a vibrant, living world.



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