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Ankama Studios has exciting news for fans of their game Waven, originally exclusive to PC—it’s set to launch on mobile devices by the close of 2023. If you’re in search of a captivating multiplayer tactical RPG boasting breathtaking graphics and a richly immersive world, your quest ends with Waven.

In this remarkable game, players assume the role of a character, equipping their most potent spells, and embarking on a journey from island to island in pursuit of fame and fortune. As you progress, you’ll enhance your skills and refine your strategies in this free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer tactical RPG, distinguished by its unique and vibrant artistic style.

“Within a world submerged beneath rising waters, only a handful of islands endure, and you are an intrepid adventurer seeking solutions to this cataclysmic disaster. In days of yore, gods and dragons held dominion over this realm. While magic endures, what has become of the mythical beings of ancient times?”

Embark on an epic RPG voyage to exotic locales, complete heroic quests by confronting formidable dungeon-dwelling monsters. Ascend in levels, amass valuable items to bolster your might, upgrade your hero, and refine your strategies. Choose your class, elemental affinities, and spells from a selection of 300, alongside your equipment and the companions who will stand with you in battle. The depth of strategic possibilities ensures that no two adventurers are alike. Meticulously select your allies to outmaneuver the enemy’s tactics, all while keeping a wary eye on your adversaries to thwart their schemes.

Waven Mobile is in soft launch state. You can download the game in limited countries or use a VPN.

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