Warbits Plus is a charming turn-based strategy game where victory is achieved through tactics and determination.
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Warbits+ is the rework of theoriginal Warbits (2016) with new features and new tech. Risky Lab then announced that the game is being rebuilt from the ground up to support modern screen sizes and devices with cross platform play, community creation support, quality of life improvements, and more for mobile and PC.

The game will feature 6 campaign missions, 4 skirmish missions, 4 puzzle missions, a map editor, and support for both local and online multiplayer. It is described as a Turn-based Strategy game, the gameplay centers around grid-based movement, where you command a diverse army of uniquely equipped units, harness special powers, and strategically deploy structures to finance your battles. This mode presents a dynamic battlefield where each decision plays a critical role in achieving victory.

The campaign immerses players in a gripping narrative, spanning 20 missions set across 5 distinctive environments. As you progress, you’ll uncover the intricate tale of a dysfunctional galaxy and the ingenious war simulator designed to rescue it.

Additionally, the game offers a “Challenge Mode” for those seeking to test their mettle, comprising 30 demanding missions categorized into Skirmish, Puzzle, and unlockable Veteran challenges. Meanwhile, the “Map Editor” empowers you to craft, share, and engage with custom maps, fostering a vibrant community of creators. The game embraces both local and online gameplay, allowing for battles against AI or local opponents, as well as online confrontations.

Warbits+ has been officially announced to hit PC next month, but there isn’t a timeframe for the mobile version yet. Open beta sign ups have gone live on Steam and iOS. Risky Lab says these will remain open until September 20th, and you can get the TestFlight link via the developer’s discord server here.


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