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Various Daylife Mobile comes to Android and iOS. In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, a new continent was discovered. Explore every corner as a colonist of Antoecia while leading a full life in the city of Erebia.

This is a RPG Meele game from Square Enix. It was available for Apple on the Apple Arcade, but now it has been released on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Sadly, not free.

VARIOUS DAYLIFE has more than 20 classes and more than 100 types of jobs that can be done. Since you’ll be able to increase your strength with physical work or improve your magic with mental tasks, you can shape your character however you like depending on the chosen job.

In this game players can choose what limited rations, items, and camping gear you will take with you as you leave the safety of the city to face the unknown. You will face monsters, bad weather and food spoilage on the various frontiers of Antoecia. You will have to make these kinds of decisions as you make your way across the continent, where no one has set foot before.

Introducing a new twist on traditional class and skill-based turn-based combat, with a unique system that relies heavily on collaborating with your allies.

Various Daylife Mobile is available on Android and iOS devices for 19.99$. There may be discounts and price cuts time to time.

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