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Usagi Shima (『うさぎしま), meaning “Rabbit Island,” offers a serene and leisurely bunny collection experience created by the solo developer pank0, also known as Jess Yu. In this game, you assume the role of a caretaker for an abandoned island, and as you gradually adorn it with decorations, charming and curious bunny visitors begin to make appearances.

Different bunny tourists will come based on your island’s unique decor arrangements, allowing you to discover, photograph, and befriend a delightful variety of bunnies. Usagi Shima draws its inspiration from the delightful and soothing vibes of games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing, with its namesake and setting inspired by Ōkunoshima, a real island in Japan inhabited by numerous bunnies.

Jess Yu’s journey with Usagi Shima started as a passion project, blending her childhood adoration for rabbits with her fondness for pet simulator games. Initially developed during her spare time while working as a Software Developer, the overwhelmingly positive response from social media and her community eventually led Jess to embark on the full-time development of Usagi Shima, turning her dream of a bunny-themed game into a reality.

The game looks really nice and unique, the hand-drawn, traditionally animated art style that brings this captivating world to life. Forge lasting bonds with your bunny companions through petting and engaging in various activities, nurturing your friendships as you go. Cherish mementos gifted by your closest bunny pals and extend invitations for them to reside on your island sanctuary.

As the island’s ambiance seamlessly synchronizes with real-time day and night cycles, savor the tranquil idle gameplay, free from time constraints and stress, and bask in the serene atmosphere at your own leisurely pace.

Usagi Shima is now available for iOS and Android devices. Basic play is free.

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