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Unpacking has been announced for Android and iOS. Unpacking is a unique game that captures the relatable process of unpacking and arranging belongings in a new home. Combining block-fitting puzzles with home decoration, it allows you to create a fulfilling living space while unraveling hints about the life you’re unpacking. Through eight different house moves, you’ll have the opportunity to forge a personal connection with a character you never see and delve into a story that remains untold.

The goal is to create a visually pleasing and functional living space. Through the process, players uncover fragments of a narrative as they unpack personal belongings, piecing together the story of the character whose items they are unpacking. The game provides a relaxing and immersive experience that celebrates the small joys of settling into a new home.

This is one of those games that at first glance may seem very simple, in fact it is. However, the depth of the game is found, not in its mechanics, but in the emotional process that they imply. Its developers define it as a zen puzzle game, and they’re not wrong.

The game is available for various platforms, but it will be officially released for Android and iOS at the end of the year.

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