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Underground Blossom is an upcoming adventure and visual novel game by Rusty Lake. In Underground Blossom, a game within the Rusty Lake Universe, players embark on a profound journey through the life of Laura Vanderboom. The game is structured around a train line, with each station representing a significant chapter from Laura’s past and potential future.

To progress, players must complete various tasks at each stop, solving puzzles and selecting the correct routes that lead to uncovering one of Laura’s timelines and aiding her in comprehending her life while escaping the labyrinth of her own mind.

Rusty Lake released a compelling teaser trailer along with a brief 20-minute demo of Underground Blossom, offering a taste of the immersive experience it promises to be. As the player explores Laura’s life, they will help her confront the turmoil in her mind, shedding light on her past and potential destinies.

There is a demo version available for Android and a demo edition for iOS. The full version of Underground Blossom is expected to be release on September 27th, 2023. It’ll be a premium release priced at $2.99 and you can pre-order the iOS version on the App Store, or the Android version on the Google Play Store.

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