Uma Musume Pretty Derby

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a really nice game for all the anime fans. This is a exotic combo of many genres, the result is a roguelike raising sim. Yes, that’s right. Uma Musume is a cute horse girls anime that participates in horse races and also do an idol performance afterward. The winner of the race is the one who will be at the center.

This is a gacha game. We have two types of rolls: the horse girls and the support cards. Getting the girls isn’t too easy. They come in 1 star level to 3 star. 3 star rate is 3% and there’s a spark at 200 rolls. We can get all the girls to it’s max level at 5 stars using shards, which we can get from dupes, the shop, token exchange, and some  event rewards. the starts are important, the affect base stats and their skill level. Support cards can be R, SR, or SSR. SSR rate is 3% and there’s a spark at 200 rolls.

In the training mode we can choose a girl and a set of support cards. With these we can clear the campaign. There are some goals and achievements and you have turns to spend in between them to raise your girl’s stats and learn some skills. Once you either finish the campaign or fail to meet a goal, you get a “finished girl”. You cannot improve a finished girl afterward.

Finished girls are used in the racing modes. In the PvP mode we have a daily race full of resources. Racing is played in an auto mode, we don’t have control beyond selecting a girl and what strategy are we going to use. Support cards greatly affect how many stats you can earn per turn in training mode, so they are very important.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a game full of cute girls, the gameplay is really interesting. Some people may find it a little weird. But if you like an anime style game, races, RPG mechanics, building teams and enjoy the gacha type of games, Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a game you are going to enjoy no matter what.

Remember that gacha games use to be somehow P2W. If you face on PvP someone who spend on the game, it may be really difficult. But if competitive or be the top player is not your main goal, you are going to have a lot of fun here.

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