Towa Tsugai

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Towa Tsugai (トワツガイ) is an upcoming game from Square Enix. This active-battle RPG is coming out for iOS and Android devices on February 16.

The game is said to be a “tsugai-training fantasy RPG”. The title is set in a world eroded by the “black sea”, and overrun with magical beasts coming from its waters. After some time, humanity formed the Special Calamity Countermeasures Headquarters CAGE to fight these beasts with girls known as “Birds”. When Birds pair up together and become “couples”, their powers grow immensely. Your job is to train, and bond with your partner to save the world.

The game is a real-time action battle RPG, where you’ll be sending pairs of up to three couples out onto stages, battling enemies by issuing command attacks on the spot. The game is set in a modern world overrun by the “Black Sea”, a mysterious phenomenon that when unleashed onto the world, also released Magical Beasts.

To combat this growing threat, humanity created the Calamity Countermeasures Headquarters CAGE , an organization dedicated to destroying this threat by training humans and modifying them to become “Birds”, wielders of powerful abilities, weaponry, and enhanced strength,

Players get to pick between a wide variety of characters voiced by recognizable voice actors, and pair them up with their chosen bird to become “Couples”. Train your couples, bond, grow, and fight together to become powerful enough to end this threat once and for all.

You can pre-register for the game on its official website, following its twitter, or through the App Store and Play Store.

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