Top PlayStation Emulators for Android

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Download the best PlayStation Emulators to play those PlayStation PSX One classics on your Android mobile phone for free. A selection of the best three choices out there.

Even though there are options for these games in redesigned or mobile phone-optimized versions, there are countless games that have never seen life beyond the original PlayStation. And that was more than 20 years ago. Games that we would love to be able to play, but since it is very difficult or impossible to get the console. We look for some other way, even though there is the PS One Mini. Wich by the way used the engine of an open source emulator, exactly a fork of PCSX Reloaded, one of the first to appear on PC.

Emulators can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, all are free. It’s time to see some of the best emulators!


This is the emulator classic. Its origin dates back to the PC eras, the most robust and widespread among all. It has a high compatibility with the different PS One games and very good speed when it comes to running them.


Price: £2.99

ePSXe can be run on mobile phones but also on tablets. Accepts a multi-player mode (up to a maximum of 4) and also brings a special mode for tablets where it allows two people to play in a better way. At the level of controls, important, it has the same on-screen, which are sufficient for most of the time (best in RPG games). But also has support for external controls via Bluetooth or physical connections.

ePSXE runs games very well, maybe it is the best PlayStation Emulator. Its compatibility is very widespread thanks to its OpenGL engine. Although it can also be configured for those devices that have ARM and Atom x86 processors. This is the classic emulator with many years behind advances and updates. It costs around $5. But it’s worth the investment.

Classic Boy

This is an emulator that allows you to run various devices. It includes the PSX, but also we can have the Nintendo 64, Gameboy in its different versions, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, etc. Its particularity is in the control system that accepts gestures and the use of the gyroscope.


In that sense, it is quite oriented to fighting games, because it allows you to map the buttons in different gestures. This gives us the chance to make faster movements and play more accurately. We have up to 8 directions on each side of the screen. Like ePSXe, we can make use of external controls without any problem if we want to do so.


This is another free emulator that supports more than one platform. Like Classic Boy, you can run games from NDS, PSX One, SNES, different versions of GameBoy, among others.


It has the basic package of options, support of external controls, quick save slots of our game. Offers a excellent performance, maintains a remarkable fluidity in the games, also brings us the possibility to take screenshots. It comes with a perfectly supported vertical and horizontal mode. Also has a high compatibility with various games. Although it has some accessibility issues with multi-disc games or that make use of slots to save on special memory cards.

This emulator is free, but in return it shows you a number of ads that could become annoying depending on your tolerance level. It is a good option to enter the world of emulation without making an investment in between.

Playstation Emulators for Android phones

Here are 3 of the best options currently found in app stores. Each one offers adequate performance, they have support and range from the payment option like ePSXe.

Each of these will allow you to run the games that you have on ROMs. But it is important to know that any of them hace included games. You will have to get your own copies of your games. You can get them from your original discs or from some other source. All will create a folder on your Android cell phone in which you can copy your games to be read by each emulator.

If any other options appear on the horizon, we’ll update this list, so don’t forget to visit us soon. The emulators are all hosted on the Google Play Store, comply with the ownership policies of such sites, the games are not distributed by this means.

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