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Download Tokyo Revengers Puzzle – Road to National Domination, a nice puzzle game for Android and iOS. The developer Goodroid has announced the pre-registration campaign for the new Tokyo Revengers game. Players can now pre-register for the game via Google Play and Apple App Store. This is a connect-3 puzzle game based on the Japanese manga series, Tokyo Revengers. Players will be able to collect key characters from the series and participate in puzzle solving battles to defeat enemies.

Road to National Domination features many original character illustrations with the crew of Tokyo Revengers. The game is a puzzle with 3 match rules. We can use the characters skills, lovely chars like Marathi Hanaki, Hyuga, Tachito, Manjiro Sano, Takeshi Dragon Palace, Kenzo Boji, Takashi Mitaya, Chi winter, Haruki Foresta, Emma, Ryoei Hayashi, Nahoya Kawada, Yasuichi Muto, Noriyoshi Nagachi, Atsushi Sendendo, Takuya Mountainmoto, Makoto SUZUKI, Koji Mountain Gish, Masaki Shiumi, Tetsuki Rare Saki, Shuji Half-She, Iichi Tiger Haha and more.

Currently, the game has achieved the 200,000 pre-registration milestone with 2 more to unlock at 250,000 and 300,000 respectively. It’s available in the Japanese store, there is no news about a global release.

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