Time Hoppers

Travel back in time, defeat monsters, and save scientists in this epic educational game!
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Jun 19, 2024
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Get ready to embark on a time-traveling adventure with Time Hoppers, an upcoming mobile game that promises to blend fun action gameplay with educational content. Set to launch soon, this game takes players back in time to save history’s greatest scientists from the nefarious Dr. Fasid.

On your first day at Aqli Academy, you and your new friends stumble upon the secret of time travel. Your mission: journey through ancient Baghdad on your hoverboard, shoot monsters with your Nano Blaster, and rescue scholars from the Golden Age of the Silk Road.

Time Hoppers offers a rich storyline, told through comic-style cutscenes and full voice acting by talents such as Omar Suleiman, Dalia Mogahed, and Kemal El-Mekki. As you progress, you’ll solve challenging puzzles and complete quests, all while learning about the groundbreaking contributions of historical figures to science and technology.

The game features stunning 2D graphics, bringing the vibrant environments and diverse characters to life. You’ll meet Khalid, Layla, Abdullah, and Aysha, your brainiac buddies and role models who will guide you through your journey.

Designed with young players in mind, Time Hoppers offers safe and kid-friendly gameplay, perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school children. The engaging puzzles and action-packed challenges are sure to captivate young minds and foster a love for learning.

With its blend of fun gameplay and educational value, Time Hoppers is set to become a favorite among parents and kids alike. Download Time Hoppers and let your child’s adventure in learning begin!



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