THRUD: Broken Heaven

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BILIBILI has introduced a new game titled THRUD: Broken Heaven, which has now been officially released for players in China on both Android and iOS platforms. This anime-inspired action shooter title merges the elements of flight and combat seamlessly.

Set in the realm of Misotto, THRUD: Broken Heaven casts players as operatives of the REVO organization, piloting the ark alongside their companion, Slude. Within this world, the journey unfolds to either reclaim the skies from alien monsters, restoring clarity to the atmosphere, or to witness the devastation of humanity.

Regarding the gameplay, the incorporation of anime-style art enriches the graphics, enhancing the game’s visual appeal, all set within a third-person perspective. The controls are designed to be intuitive, featuring an uncomplicated shooting button accompanied by additional commands for utilizing diverse skills. The inclusion of flight mechanics and aerial battles brings an exciting dimension to the game’s overall experience.

The translated store page also indicates the character name “Slude,” presumably denoting the characters within the game. THRUD: Broken Heaven introduces a squad mechanism enabling players to switch between multiple Sluders during battle. This strategic approach allows players to capitalize on the unique abilities of each Sluder, engaging in battles to their maximum potential. The game also facilitates seamless character switching during combat.

The game is now available for Android and iOS platforms on BILIBILI’s official website, primarily catering to players in China. For Android, you have the download option where you can install the .apk file directly, whereas for iOS, the download button will redirect you to the App Store page. While there is a possibility of a global release in the future, no official update regarding this has been provided as of now.

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