The God of HighSchool (For Asia)

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The God of HighSchool for Asia, is an exciting new RPG title presented by MY PLAY FOR ASIA. This game has officially launched and is now available on both Android and iOS devices in the SEA region, encompassing countries like The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and more.

“The God of HighSchool for Asia” immerses players in thrilling adventures and missions set within the captivating world of the “God of Highschool” web series. With over 5.4 billion cumulative worldwide views, the series has already cultivated a dedicated fanbase, raising expectations for the game’s success.

Building upon the existing Korean Server, “The God of HighSchool for Asia” extends its features to players in the SEA region. The game offers a refreshingly straightforward gameplay experience, featuring intuitive controls and a user-friendly character progression system, allowing players to enhance their characters with ease.

One notable feature is the unified server approach, enabling players from all servers to engage in competitive PvP battles and strive for top ranks on leaderboards. Moreover, the game offers extensive character customization options, including growth systems like Evolve, Rebirth, Crafting, Transcend, and Greed.

“The God of HighSchool for Asia” faithfully captures the essence of the “The God of HighSchool” web series, enabling players to relive iconic moments from the series through gameplay. Enthusiastic players in the specified regions can access the game via Google Play and the Apple Store, embarking on an epic journey that mirrors the beloved series.

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