The Eminence in Shadow

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The Eminence in Shadow (陰の実力者になりたくて!マスターオブガーデン) made by Aiming and published globally by Crunchyroll Games will be available in Japan on the 29th of November on PC, Android and iOS. The game is now available globally.

The game seems to be a hero-collection RPG with automated combat. You can collect the many waifus that are available in the original series.Players can visit the official website to find out more details on the pre-registration rewards.

The game is made by Aiming in Japan and Crunchyroll will be publishing the game for global users with the name: “The Eminence in Shadow – Master of Garden” and it’s described as a fantasy action RPG that transports players into a new world to build their team, battle wicked cults, and become the true mastermind in the shadows.

The game features key characters from the novel and manga, including Shadow, Alexia, Alpha, Beta, and the rest of the main cast from the series. It also includes high-quality graphics and scenes directly from the anime.

“Assemble a team from a roster of characters pulled directly from the source material to take on the Cult of Diabolos and anyone that stands in the way of Cid’s ambition to the Eminence in Shadow. Decide the ideal team composition from the various roles, Tank, Attacker and Supporter to create the perfect balance for each challenge encountered.Build the SP meter and unleash Hidden Techniques to defeat foes and earn important items for improving the team’s effectiveness.”

The game will be available worldwide on November 29, excluding East Asia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, this November on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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