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The Chrono Beta is a highly-anticipated adventure RPG developed by VNG Games, is poised to enter the closed beta testing phase exclusively in the Philippines. Android users in the Philippines will soon have access to “The Chrono Beta” via Google Play.

This enthralling game centers around the enigmatic Clock Continent, a land governed by the broken clock, and the iconic Edna train that traverses its expanse. Players will embark on a thrilling journey across the continent, where they can explore uncharted territories, collaborate with friends, confront formidable super bosses, and craft top-tier equipment essential for completing quests and advancing the game’s storyline.

The Chrono Beta places a significant emphasis on adventure and exploration. It empowers players to dispatch their mercenaries on missions to uncover the hidden facets of the continent. The Clock Continent boasts numerous stations and establishments that players and their AI companions can seize, establishing their dominance over the region.

The Edna train coaches are highly customizable, enabling players to personalize their rides to their liking. Furthermore, the game offers an impressive array of character choices, with a roster of 22 distinct Tarot Angels. Each character presents a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to assemble a crew that aligns with their strategic preferences.

While the global release dates remain undisclosed, Android users in the Philippines can anticipate accessing “The Chrono Beta” through Google Play in the near future.

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