Tensura King of Monsters

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Download Tensura King of Monsters for Android. After a notable success in Asia, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken also known as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, is adapted as a game for mobile phones, under the name of Tensura: King of Monsters. Developed by Hoolai Game for major market platforms, Android and iOS, Tensura, a multiplayer online role-playing game, was first released in Taiwan with good reviews.

This anime adaptation, under the full supervision of the novels’ original writer, Fuse, is made for anime lovers. As in the original story, where the protagonist was once a human being, a salaryman for 37 years, who died after being stabbed in a robbery, and wakes up in another world reincarnated as a Slime; In this adaptation, he will start his adventure as a slime, the reincarnation Satoru Mikami (the protagonist).

Satoru Mikami, known as Rimuru in the new world, after waking up and realizing that his life has taken a radical turn, begins his slime life with the mission of ensuring that absolutely all races can live in harmony in a world that seems each more twisted. The game allows us to create our own Rimuru, who is the founder of the Jura Tempest Federation.

With this character we can experience the most classic anime stories through the game stages, with monster expeditions and daily operations. This adaptation offers an extensive tutorial, introducing the main mechanics of the game, from the summoning of new characters to Rimuru’s unique Devour system.

However, the development of the story can be confusing for players who are not familiar with the anime or the original novel. Gameplay has an intuitive and simplified interface, it will be easy to clear the story. The game has state-of-the-art 3D graphics for the presentation of the characters that make up the Jura Tempest Federation.

Additionally, the anime’s original voice actors also on Tensura King of Monsters. In this game it is also possible to organize a group of combatants of 3 members, with the best characters of the Monster Federation, with the possibility of choosing between attack and defense styles.

The Devour system allows players to feed the Slime item shards and materials to activate various attributes and battle abilities. Tensura King of Monsters is available for Android and iOS. It is a game for people over 9 years old, free to download, but with premium content that can be purchased with prices ranging from 1 to 100 dollars.

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