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Download Tears of Themis, a really popular game developed by miHoYo available for Android and iPhone. This game is a detective romance simulator, where as we learn mystery cases, we develop affinity with four beautiful male characters who are husband candidates. But, like in real life, you can’t skip any steps to get love. It is the premise that Tears of Themis presents us and its fantastic narrative journey in a futuristic world.

The game takes place in Stellis, a city where diverse cultures coexist. You will be the anonymous protagonist of the story. You work for Themis Law Firm and as a good detective, you have many cases to resolve. Recently there has been an increasing number of cases of mental illness, as well as incidents that threaten the safety of Stellis. Some of these incidents range from the popular passion crimes or food poisoning murder.

These cases must be solved while we try to empathize in depth with four characters who are candidates to marry us and who are willing to do anything to win our hearts: Luke Pierce, Marius von Hagan, Artem Wing and Vyn Richter.

The main objective is to encourage our anonymous character to build a deep and loving relationship with one of the four characters. However, the process cannot be rushed and we will realize that strengthening ties takes time and a good dose of effort.

The opening sequence of the game leaves us with clues as to what this world wants from the user. The gameplay of this title allows a greater interaction with the environment, because while you walk through this futuristic world and look for evidence for your cases, then read the story. In Tears of Themis nothing can be missed, the game offers detailed tutorials to explain each area of ​​the game (menu, visions, visits, among others), so you can understand the mechanics of each section without any problem.

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