Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna is a clicker role-playing game where players can find amazing illustrations, nice gameplay and a  a distinctive emotional ambiance, the game really looks nice.

“A strange voice in the Slime Forest caused Luna, a young knight, to open her eyes. She briefly felt queasy before picking up her blade and standing up. Luna must act quickly if she wants to save her friends, Lennon, Anna, Romi, and Enid; who the Dark Lord “As” has sealed!”

Tap Dragon is an easy-to-play clicker game in which Luna, the main character of the game and Supernova Knight of the Stonia expedition, attacks monsters as you tap the screen. It is really easy to begin with but it takes some time to master.

Our main character, Luna, can awaken in a variety of ways, including leveling up, equipment, StatUP, and awakening. The stronger Luna gets, the more skins are unlocked, allowing you to meet Luna with various appearances.

The game features a World Map full of rich adventures. Daily Dungeon: Dungeon protected by King of Beasts ‘Adol’, Sobbing ‘Leia’ and ‘Lulumu’ in the Fog. A Nightmare Castle: The Dark Lord’s castle that goes on endlessly. Constellation Lake: A serene lake created by falling stars where you can collect Star Fragments and Bloodwind Canyon: The bloody canyon where the PVP battles take place.

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna can be downloaded now.

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