Takt Op. Symphony

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Takt Op . Symphony is a turn-based RPG mobile game adapted from the anime takt op. Destiny. From the music with the D2 , a mysterious alien creature that hates music. The game has both action and of course music. This is a science fiction and music game that will take you and your friends into an really fun adventure.

Players can enjoy the story of a conductor (conductor) who guides the Musicart as they use the power of classical music to fight against D2. Starting the game, players will take on the role of Takt Asahina who wakes up in a basement and must explore a 3D environment. You have to talk to other characters, and select conversations from the dialog to carry the story forward.

Aside from the fantastic game content, the game screen and sound effects are also highlights. There are more than three sets of character illustrations for each Musicart in the game. Players can also interact with a variety of Musicarts in the 3D scene. The battle’s music and action performance are even more captivating, giving the impression that you are actually in the world of music.

The game is currently on it’s second beta stage. Players will be able to experience the game’s exciting content ahead of time. Various rewards and activities will be provided to Conductors during the closed beta test period

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