Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN

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Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN is a fresh RPG adventure gacha game from Qooland Games. As players dive into the gameplay, they assume the mantle of the chosen one, summoning formidable heroes from the annals of ancient battlefields to wage war against the ominous forces of the Tenchu Sect.

Within this dynamic realm, individuals have the opportunity to craft their own legend, assembling a unique team of champions. Armed with divine weaponry and accompanied by magical creatures, players embark on an expansive journey through a universe that teems with danger and enigma at every twist and turn.

For newcomers, the game extends a generous gesture of 100 free pulls. Elevating these heroes to the coveted UR level allows for mastery of ultimate skills to be wielded in battles. This endeavor unveils exclusive bonds between these heroes, rendering them more potent with fresh skills and effects, pivotal to vanquishing foes and ascending as legends within the realm.

Further enhancing the experience, players can finely tailor their heroes’ powers, orchestrating a META team enriched with unique buffs and intricate combos. Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN intricately weaves both PvE and PvP gameplay elements, thrusting players into confrontations against a plethora of more than 1000 adversaries in riveting PvE skirmishes.

Enthusiasts of Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN can now delve into its immersive world, accessible on Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and App Store correspondingly. For a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and community engagement, interested players and fans are encouraged to explore the official website and Facebook channels.

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