Sword Art Online Integral Factor

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Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor, one of the latest games from the popular anime saga Sword Art Online. This is a “What If?” scenario for the well known story. An alternate take on the light novels, and its not canon. The story takes place in Aincrad during the light novels’ first arc where we discover that there is a game called Sword Art Online where players are trapped in a virtual world and get killed in real life if they die in the game.

We will meet Koharu and other SAO characters along the way. Even those who did not participate in the original death game but appeared in later arcs like Sinon and Leafa. This works as an alternate retelling of the Aincrad arc’s story, the first arc, but with the twist o the new player impacting what could have happened if he/she were part of the game. Like the story, we have to reach Aincrad’s 100th floor and clear the game.

The gameplay it’s pretty easy to understand and really beginner-friendly. The battles let you switch weapons and characters often, though in general they also don’t stand out as much compared to other MMOs. Sword Skills also come into play, though they are more ore less like the special attacks that players make in other games. There is also a ton of grinding needed to gather materials and collect items, as well as make characters level up and get stronger.

But Sword Art Online Integral Factor is also a gacha game. We have to collect some characters to have in  our party. It isn’t really really hard as other anime games, but having a strong high-level SSR character with you certainly helps with the grinding.

There is also a multiplayer aspect, where we have to fight with our assault teams. It’s quite challenging  considering the game has some time in the market. Sword Art Online Integral Factor also has some regular events, so aside from the story, it gets players to stick around, unlike other anime-based gacha games.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor is free for Android and iPhone devices, it’s not really a heavy game so a regular phone can handle it. It already has some time in the market so we may face a lot of high level accounts.

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