Sweet Sins Superstars

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Download Sweet Sins Superstars, a music game for Android and iPhone. Sweet Sins Superstar is an anime-style music game where you fight enemies to the beat of the music. In Sweet Sins Superstars you can play while listening to a variety of songs from different musical genres, including: JPop, kpop, rock, electro swing, EDM, house among others.

This is a very simple but at the same time attractive game. The gameplay is straightforward as far as rhythm-action games go. Sweet Sins Superstars is a rhythm game where we must tap on various elements on the screen as they appear. Everything to the rhythm of the music that is playing in the background.

The objective is to hit the enemies to the rhythm of the music, without losing any element that comes out and to do it with the highest possible precision. There are only two on-screen buttons you’ll have to alternate between or tap simultaneously as you try and time your taps to perfection.

Sweet Sin Superstars has easy, medium and hard levels for more advanced players. As we progress through the game we will discover new musical worlds. The game includes a series of special characters with unique abilities to level up that we will unlock as we progress.

We can collect powerful “Miimos”, which are our in-game avatar. Sweet Sins has a very attractive graphic art following an anime style that will be the delight of fans of the genre.

No additional purchases are needed to finish the game. No internet connection is needed. Although against it it can be objected that it is very similar to the Muse Dash game, however, that is a paid game and it can be downloaded for free. It can be played perfectly in offline mode. It is free for Android and iPhone cell phones.

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