Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2

In the year 2077, when entering the lair of the Red Falcon organization. The agents suddenly face strange alien monsters. After the terrorist organization was completely destroyed, an investigation team was established.
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Jun 7, 2024
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In the year 2077, the agents of the world government infiltrate the lair of the notorious Red Falcon organization, only to encounter strange and hostile alien monsters. Following the complete destruction of this terrorist group, an investigation team is formed. One year later, they uncover the main alien base, posing an imminent threat to humanity. In response, the world government decides to launch an immediate strike. This mission sees the return of the legendary warriors, Rambo and Bill.

Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2 brings you back to the intense running and shooting action that defined a generation of gamers. Now available on your mobile phone and completely free, this game allows you to relive the glory days of arcade gaming with advanced weaponry and classic gameplay.

Game Features:

  • 8 Classic Levels: Navigate through eight thrilling levels filled with enemies and challenges, reminiscent of the iconic arcade experience.
  • Advanced Weapons: Equip yourself with the most advanced weapons, including Flamethrowers, S Bullets, Cluster Bullets, and Rapid Fire Bullets. Use these to fight through mazes, underground security systems, and jungles surrounded by giant waterfalls and alien cannons.
  • 8-Bit Pixel Graphics and Sound: Enjoy the nostalgic 8-bit pixel graphics and featured sound that capture the essence of the classic arcade era.
  • Smooth Controls: Experience easy and smooth controls, ensuring that your gameplay is as enjoyable and responsive as possible.

In Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2, you will battle through a variety of challenging environments to destroy the alien threat and save the earth. The game offers a familiar yet exhilarating experience, perfect for both longtime fans and new players alike.

Download Super Contras: Metal Soldier 2 now and embark on an epic adventure to save humanity. Relive the classic action, defeat alien enemies, and become a hero in this ultimate running and shooting game.



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