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Be ready and download Super Cat Tales: PAWS for Android and iPhone. Super Cat Tales from developer Neutronized is one of the best platforming games on Mobile. The original Super Cat Tales launched all the way back in 2016 and offered a platforming experience built specifically for the touchscreen.

Join the PAWS team on a secret mission to protect Neko Land. Super Cat Tales: PAWS is a fun platformer game with cute cats and hours of fun. Explore amazing levels, complete daily quests, play mini-games, and customize your cats with fancy hats.

The game also featured a cast of adorable characters and visuals that made the game feel like something Nintendo themselves would have released for the SNES back in the day.

Super Cat Tales: PAWS is actually a prequel to Super Cat Tales 2, which itself was a prequel to the first Super Cat Tales. It a reverse chronological trilogy. It’s also quite fun because the various characters in the Super Cat Tales games have become so beloved thanks to the surprisingly robust lore built into each game that it’s fun to see them in earlier parts of their lives or doing things that have been referenced already in the previous two games.

The game features a Fun platforming gameplay, Daily quests, Mini-games, Cat customization, Retro pixel art and music. Available to download on May 24.

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